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What's the best file format to use?

We prefer TIFF and EPS files, but also accept PICT and QuarkXpress Files.

What's the best software to use?

Photoshop, QuarkXpress, and Illustrator are the big three. We're switching over to Adobe InDesign and will post information on this new software this year.


How long does it take to create a design?

That's determined by a client's budget. Design is a time based medium - the longer a designer can apply, the more detail and quality can be applied.


Can I use internet images on my flyer?

First of all, most content on the internet is copyrighted and you should use it without permission. Next, the resolution of images on the internet is much less that print - 72dpi vs. 300dpi. What you may end up with is a muddy or blurry image.

What is a gang-run?

We combine the submissions of many different clients onto a single page so that costs are equally shared and expense are less. A very common practice by printers to provide fair products for small businesses and individuals at an economy rate.

Why does CMYK look different than RGB?

CMYK is an ink-based process of combining colors for a large spectrum. RGB is a light-based combination that produces a different spectrum of color. Both forms share a significant about of colors, but each has shades that the other can't produce.

How do I get special colors, spot colors, or Pantone colors on my print job?

Each of these require a unique ink - a spot color - which is most often based on the Pantone Color-matching and identification system. This extra ink requires an extra plate and pass on the press. With a 4-color press, the printer would have to do a 2nd pass, but with a 6 or 8 color press, these inks can be added during the run.


How do I design for spot colors?

Contact us if you don't have experience with spot colors. This is a physical process that requires a particular design process including extra channel(s) to identify where the ink will be placed. This extra ink will also require extra film and plate and add to you expenses.


Can I print materials that are not full inches, such as 4.25" x 6" ?

Yes, but we round up the price to the next inch. For a 4.25" x 6" flyer, we will charge for a 5" x 6" space.


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